Q. Does Bike and Brew provide everyone a bike?

A. Yes! This is included in the price you pay.

Q. Can I bring my own bike?

A. You may bring your own bike, however, if something happens to your bike during the tour, we cannot be responsible and may not be able to fix it. All of our bikes are the same design and model, and can be fixed, if need be, mid-tour, which would allow you to continue the tour. If something happens to your own bike, we cannot make that promise. There is no discount on the tour for bringing your own bike. Thanks!

Q. Where do we meet?

A. Each tour has a uniquely planned route. We do not release the information until it is booked...like a surprise! We will send you a confirmation email with the pick-up location. Any tour with "loop" means that we will start and end at the same place. Please plan accordingly your manner of getting home. We currently do not have a shuttle and we do not promote drinking and driving. However, there is plenty of public transportation and ride shares available we are more than willing to help arrange. Hopefully in the near future we can drop off our guests.

Q. Are the drinks included?

A. If you purchase it your ticket from Bike and Brew ATX, absolutely! Not Groupon or Living Social. Every brewery has agreed to provide a certain amount of beer per person. This amount usually equals about a pint, but, sometimes more. Most breweries provide 2-3 different styles for the guest to try!

Q. What does the Groupon/Living Social include and which tour can I use it for?

A. Please read the Groupon or Living Social carefully before purchasing it. Due to our growing popularity, we have restructured our voucher deals and they are only valid for the "Northern Community" not the "Heart of Austin." Also Groupon/Living Social vouchers do not include alcohol in the purchase. You will have to pay as you go. This is due to a Texas Law.

Q. Do we ride if it is raining?

A. Yes, we ride rain or shine so please dress appropriate. This is an adventure! We have no control over the weather. If we had to base our enjoyment of beers on weather it would be very complicated. Live a little!!! If we feel that it is unsafe to ride we will cancel.