Since 2010, I’ve been exploring the world. I found that every place I visited had something in common...a love for beer! Almost everywhere had its own special spot to sit down with friends and strangers to share stories, laughs, and smiles over a cold glass of beer. Almost every place had its own new and exciting brew to try. Most of the time I was a tourist in these places, and quite often locals wouldn’t hesitate to share their culture with me. I grew to love meeting strangers, making new friends, and trying new beers. 

As a result, I created Bike and Brew ATX in May of 2016, so that locals and visitors alike could enjoy riding bikes while learning about the glorious city of Austin and its famous landmarks--including the best breweries. 

                                                                                                                                            -Adam Watt, founder



Adam has many passions in life, but the two most prominent include travel and quality beer. Having called Austin home off and on for nearly 12 years, he decided to bring these back home. He continues to travel on his off time and hopes that Bike and Brew Tours can connect people from all over the world through their quest for incredible beer and adventure. He believes that through travel we may find peace. 

Favorite Brew: 512 Porter

Spirit Animal: Fox

Motto: “......might as well.”

Brandi is our all-things- social guru. She is very passionate about travel, food and, of course, beer! She’s been home-brewing for a few years now and has plans to eventually open her own spot, Rockabilly Brewing. She joined Bike and Brew ATX at the very beginning, last October, and has loved every minute with the company. She believes that experiences are worth far more than possessions.

Favorite Brew: My own :)

Spirit Animal: Kristen Wiig

Motto: "Why not?"


Ryan believes that cycling is the greatest and most pleasurable form of transit ever invented. It allows one to explore the nooks and crannies of Austin in ways no motorist ever could, all the while enjoying the ever changing beer scene while one rides along the city streets. He believes that cycling is truly one of the greatest feelings of freedom one can feel in a metropolis and is excited to share Austin's rich cultural history with you.

Favorite Beer: Greenhouse IPA

Spirit Animal: Cardinal

Motto: "So it goes."


Caity. Even though she hails from the northlands, she is a “born again Texan.” She has lived in texas since 2011, and has spent most of her days here in Austin and the surrounding hill country. Caity is a fan of all things adventurous and loves to be a tourist in her own town. Tell her a good ‘dad’ joke and you’ll be besties in no time. 

Favorite Beer: Lone Star (National beer of Texas)

Sprit Animals: Unicorn, skunk, chameleon, grackle, tilly-dog, antelope, and more…

Motto: ‘Variety is the spice of life’


Trace is a good ole boy from Kentucky whose dog, Bootsy Van Banjo, is actually the main reason he is so cool. He will tell you that’s true. His main mission is to find the very best tacos. Just find them, not eat them.

Favorite Beer: Whiskey

Sprit Animals: Burt Reynolds

Motto: "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened" by Dr. Seuss