A Tangy New Twist to Wheat Beer

Until visiting 4th Tap Brewery last week I had never heard about Tamarind wheat beer, much less, tried it. I don't regularly gravitate towards wheat beers because I don't like the sweetness of them, I prefer the robust floral flavors of hoppy beers. However, since it is impossible to escape the brutal heat of the Texas summer, I crave beer that contains citrus. The tamarind wheat beer a.k.a Renewal created by 4th Tap Brewing caught my attention. Although not a citrus, Tamarind is a deliciously tangy fruit that is said to be a native of Africa. Part of the pea family it grows mainly in warmer climates such as: Mexico, Asia, and India. Tamarind has a long history of medical use such as: fevers, stomach discomforts, sore throat, and sunstroke. They also contain high levels of tartaric acid, just as citrus fruits contain citric acid, which provides the zing one often tastes.

Upon taking my first sip my taste buds were immediately greeted by the pleasant tartness of the tamarind fruit. Not too tart though, there was a gentle balance of freshness and sour. It was a perfect harmony and thirst quenching beer. The Renewal was very easy to drink. There are moments when I can only handle one sour beer a session, but this wasn't the case with the Renewal. It was amazing! I think I have officially found my summer beer of choice!

If ever you spot this beers around Austin, TX don't hesitate to try it. You won't be sorry!