4 Recipes You Need On Your Thanksgiving Table

There’s no doubt that some of the best things about the holidays are the food and drinks, whether you spend hours in the kitchen remaking traditional family recipes or simply open a can of cranberry sauce and call it a day. But what happens when you combine the food and drinks



While traditionally a turkey brine consists of water, salt, and a few herbs and spices, this year you may consider adding a non-traditional ingredient to your recipe: beer. Depending on your taste, a dark beer mixed with brown sugar can add warm flavors and give your bird a darker color while holiday ale combined with oranges and lemon seasonings will bring out a more citrus flavor. Either way you go, your tipsy turkey will be sure to impress. This recipe by Traeger Grills takes some time, so plan ahead. This recipe by Craft Beer is definitely worth the effort.


Now here’s a tasty dish by The Frugal Navy Wife that you’ll want to make not only on Thanksgiving but as a warm treat all year round. With only 8 simple ingredients (one of them you can drink while cooking) this pumpkin beer bread is surprisingly easy and can be served as either a pre-dinner snack or an after meal dessert. Be sure to make extra because I guarantee your guests will ask to take some home.


I mean, come on. One of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes is stuffing and while my mother could give anyone a run for their money when it comes to homemade stuffing, this recipe with beer, bacon and cheese may actually be a strong contender. This specific recipe by the The Slow Roasted Italian uses Blue Moon in order to bring out a slight citrus flavor and makes for a nice pairing with the Tipsy Turkey if cooked in the same ale. It’s a little more time consuming than a traditional boxed stuffing but trust me, it’s worth it.

pumpkin pie.jpg


No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without a little pie so I would be remiss not to add in a little pumpkin pie made with, you guessed it, beer.  This recipe by 27th and Olive is a fairly straightforward pumpkin pie just with the added step of boiling a nice pumpkin beer, such as Sam Adams’ Octoberfest, to mix in with your ingredients.