How to Throw the Most Hoppin’ Easter Beer Hunt

Easter is upon us and most families are getting ready to color eggs with the kiddos or buying candy to fill in plastic eggs to scatter around the yard. But what about the adults? We deserve to get in on the action too, right? Well thanks to the newest beer craze, you can! Keep in mind, this ain’t your momma’s Easter egg hunt – this is one is for adults only.

Step 1: Set a time/date and invite all your friends! Or at least the ones you like.

Step 2: Ask everyone to bring a six-pack of their favorite beer. Or offer to buy several varieties yourself if you’re feeling generous.

Step 3: Make sure to count your beers! Knowing how many bottles will be hidden helps when coming down to the last few finds. Nothing is worse than a hot beer that has sat out in the sun all day.

 Step 4: Hide the beers. Leaves, mulch, grass and dirt make for some pretty good camouflage. There are lots of places to hide the bottles, depending on your location. Remember, these are adults playing so the harder, the better. And the more fun!

Step 5: Make sure all guests have a carrying contraption of sorts. This can be the six-pack holders from the used beers, plastic bag or canvas totes. Or, your very own adult Easter basket, complete with wicker handle and grass.

Step 6: Create some fun rules. This is where your creativity comes into play as you can choose to make them as easy or difficult as you’d like.  Some of our favorites include:

·      each person must drink the beers as they find them before moving on to the next hunt.

·      the person with the most beers wins or first person to six.

·      the loser, or person with the least amount of beers, must hold a drink in hand for the rest of the day or risk having to hop like a bunny for 30 seconds (or any other punishable act deemed necessary.)  

Step 7: Have fun!!