10 gift ideas for cyclists

There are 25 days left until Christmas, and people all over have started shopping. It’s important to get an earlier start (though 25 days isn’t exactly early. Some people start in January!) to make sure that you have enough time and money to find that perfect gift, even for those that are always hard to shop for.

Since the gift-giving holiday is so close, we’ve compiled a list of 10 gift ideas for the cyclist in your life.

Our 10 gift ideas for cyclists:

10. Bike T-shirts, phone covers, and more

These type of novelty gifts are always good. They usually don’t break the bank and still pay homage to a person’s passion. Redbubble has several great bicycle themed T-shirts, phone cases, wall art, tote bags and more. Total Women’s Cycling also has several great coffee mugs and art.

9. A cool bike helmet

Safety is of the utmost importance when cycling. Bike Pretty offers a list of nine cool and unique helmets, so the cyclist in your life can look sleek and stylish while on those fun rides. Nutcase also has several cool yet functional helmets.

8. Bike Tube Lights

Still on the topic of safety, lights are almost as important as a helmet, especially for night riders. Bike Tube Lights will help your rider stay seen at night in a fun and unique way. The lights can go around the wheels or the body of the bike, or both.

7. Wireless Bicycle Turn Signal

A wireless bicycle turn signal is a great way to signal where you’re going. In bigger cities, it could be incredibly helpful since many drivers don’t know bike arm/hand signals. It’s a great way to stay safe and share the road!

6. Leather Seat Barrel Bag

As a cyclist, it can often be hard to carry everything you might throughout the day. Lots of cyclists carry backpacks but that can sometimes get heavy or cumbersome, so the add-ons, like bike baskets, can be nice. This gorgeous leather seat barrel bag by Walnutstudiolo on Etsy is small but can hold several items you might not want to keep in your pocket or backpack/purse.

5. Hardwood Bike Basket

This hardwood bike basket from AvieArts on Etsy can hold a riders coffee/water and phone, or anything else really. It’s a smaller holder and has sleek look rather than that of a larger, bulkier wicker basket.

4. Bar TAB

If you’re the crafty type, this is a super awesome and unique gift. The Bar TAB (Take Along Bar) fits right on your bike and can hold a nice bottle of wine and two or more glasses, depending on the shape of the bike and the skill level of the crafter. If the cyclist isn’t a drinker, it’s also perfect for carrying along a picnic, or anything else they might need during a ride.

3. Bike Chain Wine Rack

This uncommon wine rack is perfect the bike lover in your life. Holding a total of eight bottles, it will go perfectly with any home decor.

2. Bicycle Seat Bar Stool

What cyclist wouldn’t love a set of these bicycle seat bar stools? Another functional yet interesting gift.

1. A Bike and Brew ATX tour

A little shameless self-promotion never hurt anyone. This is an opinion piece, after all. We think the perfect gift for the cyclist in your life is a tour with Bike and Brew ATX! This unique tour will teach riders about the history of Austin and it’s many popular locations while stopping by delicious breweries along the way. Like Bike and Brew ATX on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for special holiday deals. For a limited time in December, we are offering a tour for two for $115. Take advantage while the discount lasts!