Cycling Apps That Every Rider Should Have

Nowadays, there’s an app for everything. You can conveniently bank from your phone, order food, hail a cab and even manage stocks. There’s nothing you can’t do from your handheld device anymore. Certain apps are created for certain groups of people, so even cyclists can benefit from a few specific apps. Here’s a list of cycling apps that every rider should have on their device.

Map My Ride

With Map My Ride, riders can record their activity with GPS tracking and view detailed stats about each ride. They can also connect with other devices to import and analyze data in one place. There’s a huge community on Map My Ride where cyclists can share their stats and trails with other riders. It is a great way to meet-up with other riders such as yourself.

Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate is a neat app that keeps track of your heart rate while you’re on, or off, the bike. Riders will answer a few questions so the app knows what their normal heart rate should be. The best part about this app? There’s no extra devices to lug around. Users simply press their finger on the camera lense on their phone for a few seconds and the app senses their heart rate.


Road ID

The Road ID app is a great tool for runners, cyclists and anyone who is active outdoors. This app has the ability to track workouts in real time and allows users to share with friends and family to stay better connected whenever they head outdoors. While outdoors, users can customize their phone’s lock screen to provide vital information to first responders when necessary, even if the phone is locked. On the screen, users can provide their information along with three emergency contacts and important medical history, like allergies and blood type. This app is a great way for first responders to proceed as efficiently as possible. Hopefully it never comes down to this for the user, but every second counts. Better safe than sorry.

Bike Doctor 2.0

The Bike Doctor 2.0 app offers solutions to problems cyclists might be having while on their ride. This app helps users keep their bikes in perfect condition and shows them step-by-step instructions on how to make repairs on the spot when necessary. At Bike and Brew ATX we are always on the go, so this app is very useful.


Another tracking app, Cyclemeter tracks, maps and records users bicycle rides, then compiles all the data into graphs and tables. Cyclemeter also tracks other activities and also offers the ability to specify what kind of cycling is about to take place, like racing or cycling for distance versus a fun and low key ride. Cyclemeter is known for thoroughness and the fact that riders can use it without creating an online account or paying a subscription fee.

Make Use of These Awesome Cycling Apps    

There are so many other apps catering to cyclists of all degrees of experience. The ability to share a ride and stats with other riders can often times motivate oneself, or other riders, to become more active and to join a supportive and positive community. The ability to learn more information on how to properly fix your bike when you aren’t a professional mechanic is empowering and not something that cyclists have so easily been able to do before. Take advantage of the tools that are at your fingertips. Enjoy!