Don’t let allergies ruin your ride

Don’t let allergies ruin your ride

Allergy season has been in full swing with pollen and cedar counts higher than normal in the Austin area. For many, a day riddled with sneezing, itching eyes and sinus headaches can all but ruin your day and cause you to skip your usual ride. Here are some tips, aside from drowning in allergy medicine, to help make your ride bearable during allergy season.

Know the cause

If you’re an avid bike rider, runner or even just love to do some outdoor shopping, pay attention to what it is that’s triggering your allergies. Different trees, weeds and grasses can have different effects on your allergies so knowing where the root of your problems are can help you to find the right solution. If you can’t quite figure it out, a quick visit to the allergist can give you all the information you need.

Plan your route accordingly

If you realize you’re runny nose and watery eyes are being caused by a certain type of tree, try to find a trail that steers clear of it. Typically pollen levels are higher in the morning, so it may be best to plan your ride for the afternoon or early evening instead.

Check the pollen counts in your area

If you’re considering a long route, try websites such as or to check the pollen counts in the area to see if it will be manageable. The worst thing is to get halfway through and have to stop due to watery eyes or constant sneezing.

Wash up

The fabric in your clothes can hold onto the pollen and things causing your allergies. While it’s easier to just toss your dirty clothes into a laundry basket and deal with it later, having that residual allergens on your clothes can still affect your allergies long after your ride. If you’re able to, toss your dirty clothes immediately in the wash and then take a shower yourself. Your body and hair can be a magnet to those allergens as well causing more irritation the longer you wait to wash off.