Other Awesome U.S. Bike and Beer Tours

Bike and brew bike tours have grown in popularity over the last several years and while we hope you’ll come visit us in Austin, we’ve compiled a list of a few other bike tours across the U.S. to check out as well.

Bike and Brew ATX, Austin, TX

Bike and Brew ATX, Austin, TX

MotorCity Brew Tours, Detroit, MI

While Detroit may be known as the MotorCity, you don’t need a car to enjoy their brewery bike tours. Jam packed with history about everything from prohibition, famous Detroit gangs, and just basic city history, the MotorCity Brew tours have a variety of options and a little something for everyone, including good beer and food!

Bootdoctors FatBike & Brew Tour, Telluride, CO

While most people would only think of a bike tour during the warmer seasons, the FatBike tours in Colorado area actually perfect for the winter. The tours are completely customizable and can go through fields of soft, white snow or, for more experienced riders, through rougher terrain. All bike rentals are made specifically for the ice and snow and the tour ends at the Telluride Brewing Company to warm up with a few beers.

Pedal Bike Tours, Portland, OR

Home to more than 75 breweries, Portland is a city that really knows its beer. Their Pedal Bike Tours last around 3 hours and give a perfect guide to some of the best breweries in the city as well as some pretty fantastic views.

Bike and Brew, Austin, TX

We would be remiss not to mention ourselves as Austin is known for its beer as well as its beautiful scenery. Tours vary in difficulty and location but there is something for everyone. Riders enjoy an educational tour of Austin’s main attractions while enjoying some of the best beers in Texas.