Why Taking a Bike Tour is the Only Way to see the City

In a big city like Austin, there are several different tours offered to see exciting parts of the city. You can take a segway tour around the Capital, a Ghost and Bat segway tour, bar hopping tours, even a water-to-land tour (Austin Duck Adventures.)

City tours are fun, and they’re a great way to get to know an area. Especially one as eclectic and bike-centric as Austin. But Austin is known for so many other things, such as it’s brewery scene, it’s art scene and it’s music scene. If you’re here on a short visit, how do you decide which to see? Here’s why taking a bike tour is the only way to see Austin.

See it All

With our city bike tours specifically, you can see several of Austin’s unique sites and enjoy some live music while sipping on some of the city’s tastiest libations. You don’t have to choose between what to see and do! You get to experience small pieces of culture that make this city so special.


Traffic Shmaffic

By parking that car and taking a bike tour of the city, you don’t have to sit and wait in traffic! Nobody wants to sit in traffic when they could be taking the sites, and Austin’s traffic is NO JOKE. Each year, more and more people are moving to this gorgeous city and while it’s obvious why, it doesn’t make getting around any easier.

Meet New People

One of our favorite things about doing tours is the togetherness that the experience promotes. You’re on this crazy new adventure with new people who are also on this crazy new adventure. It’s hard not to make friends over tasty treats and signature sips.


Bikes Are Awesome

Don’t you remember riding a bike as a kid, just enjoying the summer air hitting your face without a car in the world? We do. Add food and beer to that, and you’ve got an even more fun, adult version of that.

So while you’re visiting, or even if you live here, get out and see the city on a bike! Enjoy the summer breeze on your face and take in that Texas sun (safely, of course.)