Instagram Worthy Bike Tour

Austin may be known to most for its music, but the city is becoming just as famous for its artwork as well. Whether you’re visiting the city of Austin or a homegrown, local weirdo, you’re sure to have seen some pretty interesting street art while driving around town as the city streets are lined with plenty of murals that are just as bold, bright and unique as the city itself.

One of the best ways to get out and see the artwork is by bike. By doing so, you don’t have to worry about traffic or parking and can take as much time you need snapping that perfect photo before riding on to the next spot. There are hundreds of murals and street art all over town, some permanent and some constantly changing.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite spots to snap some Instagram worthy photos on your next bike ride. Bike and Brew ATX does offer a super fun and visually stunning art tour, but these are some of our favorite sites that the tour might not visit.

Greetings From Austin

1720 S. 1st St.

Originally commissioned in 1998, this no iconic mural was brought to life in hopes of bringing some brightness and fun into a rather gloomy neighborhood. You’d never know it now as the mural sits alongside dozens of food trucks and popular local shops in a now thriving neighborhood.

You’re My Butter Half

2000 E MLK Blvd

Located on the property of United Way of Greater Austin, this mural is perfect for a fun BFF photo shoot or a cute couple’s session. Not only is it a super adorable wall, but it is also out of the way of traffic so you are more able to take your time to capture the perfect pic.

i love you so much

1300 S Congress

Another one of Austin’s most iconic murals for couples and friends alike, the “i love you so much” painting on the side of Jo’s Coffee started out as a sweet, simple sentiment before it went almost instantly famous.

In 2010, Amy Cook took a can of red spray paint and decided to leave a message for her partner, Liz Lambert, who was a majority owner of the coffee shop. What started out as a love note between the two, spread quickly and now has grown to one of the most famous murals in all of Austin.

Jeremiah The Innocent

Guadalupe & 21st St

hi how are you

Known to many as the “Hi, How Are You?” wall, this simple frog comes from a 1983 album cover from Daniel Johnston’s “Hi, How Are You: The Unfinished Album.” A decade later, the now closed record store The Sound Exchanged asked Johnston to paint a mural of Jeremiah on the side of the building, where he has lived in infamy ever since.

Willie Nelson

East 7th St. & Neches St.

Its no doubt that Willie Nelson is a Texas legend so it’s only fitting that the man has his own mural. At 60 feet long and 20 feet tall, the artwork is as big as the legend himself and features a giant portrait of the musician keeping a watchful eye on all of downtown.

Spaceman With Floating Pizza

1209 Red River

Spaceman With Floating Pizza

A former schoolteacher turned full time artist, Mike “Truth” Johnston  is responsible for many pieces of artwork around town including the brightly colored astronaut and his floating pizza. Located right behind Brick Oven Pizza on Red River, the spaceman captures the quirky and fun side of Austin and always a fun one to visit.