First Tour Highlights

We had our first public tour last weekend and it was a huge blast. A group of 9 mounted their bicycles and braved the streets of Austin to see the sights and taste the delicious brews.

The tour started out at Hops and Grain in east Austin. Adam gave the basic rundown to the group and emphasized that everyone is suppose to have FUN! And boy did they!

The group visited the Capital of Texas and the Texas State Cemetery.

Texas State Cemetery

The gang also made their way to Austin’s infamous 6th Street. Since it was early in the evening, the crazy shenanigans that the party district is known for weren’t in full swing just yet.

The first break took place at Uncle Billy’s Brewery and Smokehouse. The atmosphere at this brewery is just so laid back and chill. The beers were full of flavor and definitely refreshing after the first part of the ride. Everyone had a great time chatting and getting to know each other a little better. The best tours are the ones where everyone leaves as friends, and we definitely aspire to set that tone from the beginning.

You can't ride downtown without checking out 1st Street and Congress bridges. The best view of the city can be seen from the 1st Street Bridge. The Congress bridge is famous for the bat colony living underneath it. Crowds gather at dusk to see the swarms of bats leaving their nests. It really is a site to see! Adam gave the group a good amount of information on both bridges and about where they’d be headed next.

The tour passed the Mexican American Cultural Center and made their way to Rainey Street, a similar social area to 6th Street but a lot more laid back. There are some great bars and restaurants on Rainey and it’s a place that locals and tourists alike frequent.

They also made their way to Blue Owl Brewing where they stopped for a pint or two. If you’ve never been to that brewery, you definitely need to add it to you list! Their sour-mash system is unique, making them a hot spot in town.


The tour concluded back at Hops and Grain where a few more drinks were had and memories made. The tour was so much more amazing than we had hoped and we’re so happy to be doing what we’re doing in this beautiful city. We can’t wait to show more residents Austin from a different perspective.