Bike and Brew Showcase: Adelbert’s Brewery

You probably recognize the bearded face encompassed in a circle on the simple yet elegant label Adelbert’s beer dons. They aren’t flashy with their marketing and there’s a reason for it. Their beer speaks for itself. And you should definitely be listening to what it has to say.

Adelbert’s Brewery

In a funky little shop in north Austin sits a craft beer gold mine. This award-winning microbrewery uses only quality ingredients and prides themselves on their hands-on brewing. They use non-GMO Bohemian floor malted barley, Noble hops and fresh yeast propagated at the brewery.

Adelbert’s Brewery is a tribute to founder and brewmaster Scott’s brother, George Adelbert “Del” Hovey. Honoring his brother in the sweetest way, the brewery’s mainstay beers are named after stories Del told. Scott is passionate about what he does and drinkers can tell when tasting that first sip of that sweet nectar of the gods. This awesome brewery is committed to Belgian-style, bottle-conditioned ales for people to enjoy and share with others.  

The quaint brew space is perfect for coming together and enjoying these prize-winning libations. With indoor heating and air conditioning, visitors are always comfortable. If you’re feeling a little more competitive, they offer darts, ping pong and a foosball table to prove who’s best. And if you’re just wanting some quiet time to yourself, they’ve got a TV and a seat with your name on it. They really do have something for everyone.

If you wanna check out Adelbert’s Brewery, join us on our North Austin tour. We might even challenge you to a quick game of darts!