Rounding out the List: Northern Communities Loop is Complete

I was excited to announce that both Oskar Blues and 4th Tap were joining the Northern Community Route last week. Now, I am pleased to announce that two more spectacular breweries are eager to join the roster of Bike and Brew ATX, which completes the northern tour.

1. Circle Brewing Company

Circle Brewing Company was founded in 2010 by two childhood friends Ben Sabel and Judson Mulheron. Although they started in their youth brewing in Nashville, they eventually relocated to Austin Tx.

Their logo, which is a circle, represents perfection in its most basic form. They like to share this simple perfection in every pint you taste. 

Having nearly 17 beers available, they have them divided into four different categories: year round, seasonal, inner circle, and shelved. The beer that drew my immediate attention was the Archetype Historical IPA. The brewers at Circle have been working on this particular beer for as long as they have been brewing. Since the beginning they have been researching, test batching, and planning how to produce this brew.

Looking at old brewers' logs and recipes, they cobbled together a recipe that would most resemble the quintessential IPAs that our ancestors drank in the 1700s and 1800s. They followed the same hopping rates from the time period, and upon completion of fermentation they aged the brew in white oak barrels simulating the voyage to India via sea. Finally another discovery was made. A secondary fermentation happened due to the fact that the barrels were most likely infected by Brettanomyces during the voyage. So they inoculated each barrel with Brett. Only after tasting this IPA in its final form can you step back in time and taste what it was truly like for our fore fathers.

2. Adelberts

I cannot help but feel a sense of nostalgia every time I see a bottle of Adelberts. I first proposed the idea of Bike and Brew ATX to my parents. My father recommended that I visit his friend, Jason. It just so happened that Jason was an investor of Adelberts Brewing Company. Adelbert's is an award winning micro-brewery. The name, Adelberts, is a tribute to George Adelbert "Del" Hovey, the founder's brother. Del always took time to enjoy a beer with family and friends, recounting his travels from around the world. Therefore, they like to put a little of Del's spirit in each beer. Although they specialize in Belgian-styles ales they have a vast array of beers. 

When I arrived to Jason's house he had two bottles waiting on the table, the Tripel B and a Blonde Sour.  I didn't remember enjoying many Tripels in Belgium and Holland a few years back, so I was hesitant. However, out of respect I accepted a glass of Tripel while we talked. To this day I remember the pleasantly sweet taste of Adelberts Tripel B. It has sense become a favorite of mine. While enjoying glass after glass I listened to Jason's opinions and soaked in his wisdom. My insides tingled and my head giddy. He spoke words of encouragement. I drank in the smooth beers and with a smile on my face,  Bike and Brew ATX was born that very evening.