Happy Birthday Bike and Brew ATX!

Happy Birthday Bike and Brew ATX!

Bike and Brew ATX turned a year old on Oct. 6 and what a year it has been! We grew from a company being run by a single individual (the best owner ever, Adam Watt) to having a few employees who wear a few different hats (shout out Brandi and Ryan!) Here’s a little recap of all the amazing things we’ve experienced in our first year:

The positive response we’ve gotten from the very beginning has been incredible. In a year’s time, our little company has earned 88 five-star reviews on TripAdvisor, and so many more across our flourishing social media platforms.

We were honored to participate in Gears for the Years, a cycling charity event benefiting Family Eldercare. One of our favorite things to do is give back to the community that supports us, so this was truly an amazing thing to be a part of.

We launched a food tour to give guests savory treats to accompany the tasty beverages along our downtown route.

We’ve had the pleasure of being featured in several online publications and blogs, such as Expertise and Occasion Genius, who put the spotlight on Bike and Brew ATX.

We began the process of getting a mobile bike shop set up where our awesome tour guests can buy merch and hang out. We’re in the very beginning stages but hope to have something up and running soon.

We hope to add so many more items to this list by our next birthday! While we definitely work hard on our end, our success wouldn’t be possible without all of our amazing guests and followers. You guys are our support system and you have helped build us up into something incredible. Each and every one of you is the reason we are continuing to succeed and grow and we can’t thank you enough!