Bike and Brew ATX Announces New Tours

Bike and Brew ATX announces new tours

Bike and Brew ATX has made a few changes to its tour offerings and we think you’re going to like them.

Your guide will still provide fun and enlightening stories about Austin's history throughout the tour and you will still visit some of Austin's famous tourist destinations, but we’ve added a few new places to the list.

The Heart of Austin Tour: This tour has changed slightly, along with its name. Our flagship tour, known as the Austin Gem for now, packs the most information possible and covers much of Austin's east-side downtown including The Capital of Texas, Texas State Cemetery and other historical destinations. It's a moderate level bike ride that does include a few hills.


Farm and Brew:

We are super excited to announce this new tour! This tour really encompases what Austin is all about: great beer, authentic food and fun experiences. And that is exactly how we want to showcase Austin. Our city is super innovative and before any quality produce makes it to the chefs that create the amazing gastronomy culture within the city, they are grown at some beautiful urban farms on the east side of Austin. Therefore we have decided to organize a tour that not only includes some newer opened breweries, but also one of Austin’s oldest urban farms. Also, did we mention that this is the first tour of ours that now includes cider?!

butter half.jpg

Art of this world:

COMING SOON!! Another new tour that we are very excited about! This tour is still in the works but we plan to showcase some of Austin’s favorite art spots and murals around town, like the popular You're My Butter Half mural. Stay tuned for more on this tour and when it will launch. You’re definitely going to want to check it out!

Bike and Chew:

Never fear! This fan-favorite tour is still going strong and we have no plans of changing it. So book a ride now and get your chew on!

All tours will leave from Hops and Grain Brewing to make life easier for everyone (and to give us a chance to start with some delicious brews.)  

gourdoughs contest.jpg

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you know we’ve got some other changes coming our way, like the revamping of our sweet ride! We’re pretty excited about all these new changes, and more coming our way, so stay tuned to find out what’s going on! We recently had a contest on Facebook and Instagram for a $25 gift card to Gourdough’s in Austin. Do worry if you missed it, stay tuned for more delicious give aways.