10 gifts for beer lovers

10. Beer Cap Map

A beer cap map is perfect the beer lover who likes to remember where they’ve been and what they’ve experienced. This interactive map keeps tabs on your favorite stops. You can find your state, other fun shapes, or one of the entire USA.

9. Beer Holder Hoodie

This hoodie is perfect for the beer lover in your life who is always forgetting where they put their beer down. Not to mention, it keeps the wearer warm and cozy while enjoying their frosty beverage!

8. Homebrew Beer Kits

Brewing beer at home doesn’t have to be as hard as one might think. There are several homebrew kits that walk brewers step-by-step through the process, giving them the satisfaction of enjoying their own creation.  

7. Drop Catch Magnetic Bottle Openers

This nifty gadget helps beer drinkers keep their space nice and tidy by catching and holding on to the beer caps.

6. Personalized Black Half-Gallon Stainless Steel Growler

These growlers are perfect for taking home a favorite beer from a brewery or for storing a homebrew creation that you just can’t get enough of. This growler will keep the beer cold and carbonated for later enjoyment. Plus, who doesn’t love a personalized gift? Add on a growler tap to enhance the beer drinking experience.

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5. Personalized Bottle Openers

Sometimes, the most unique gift is one made locally! My Burnt Offerings makes all kinds of custom bottle openers, wine racks and more. They’re affordable and can be made to each person on your Christmas list. For custom orders, email myburntofferings@gmail.com.

4. Craft Beer Club Subscription

A craft beer club subscription is a great way to try various beers from all over the country, and sometimes the world, so any true beer lover will more than appreciate this gift.

3. Beer Jellies

A really unique gift for beer lovers is beef-infused food. Who doesn’t love food? And since beer and food usually pair so well together (like beer and pizza, duh!) who would argue with beer-infused food? Try these beer jellies with a cheese platter or just on a piece of toast for breakfast!

2. Mini Kegerator

A mini kegerator is perfect for the beer drinker who might host parties, especially if they like to share their own creations.

1. Bike and Brew ATX tour

Once again, we just have to self promote. Any beer-lover is going to thoroughly enjoy a tour with us as we stop at several breweries for tastings, learning more about the city and each brewery’s brewing process. Give a shot! Sign-up for our Bike and Brew ATX newsletter and keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter pages for holiday specials. For a limited time in December, we are offering a tour for two for $115. Take advantage while the discount lasts!