Get in the spirit!

In case you missed our announcements the last few weeks, we’re now offering winery and distillery tours. We also have a new shuttle van so if you aren’t too keen on riding a bike, you can still enjoy the tours!

So where do we go on the distillery tour? You can check out our tours page for some information, but we’d like to tell you a little more about the amazing locations that have agreed to be a part of our tours!

San Luis Spirits - Dripping Springs Vodka & Gin Distillery

Dripping Springs Vodka is at the top of most Austinite’s list when it comes to drinking local. It’s micro-distilled in 50-gallon batches in handmade copper pot stills. San Luis Spirits uses pure, mineral rich Hill Country Artesian Spring Water in their distilling process. The vodka is made with sweet, mid-western non-GMO corn, is naturally gluten free and is Certified Kosher by the Houston Kashruth Association. The result is a lush and balanced vodka with a super smooth finish, which makes it ideal for sipping.

Not only do they hand-craft vodka, but they also make gin!

Dripping Springs gin is made in small 40-gallon batches. According to San Luis Spirits, “Each batch is designed to capture the essence of our botanical mix with an optimal 40 percent Distillers cut then finished with pure, mineral rich Hill Country Artesian Spring Water.” (Just like the vodka.) Dripping Springs Artisan Gin is a lower proof product with floral notes, a hint of spice and fresh citrus. Dripping Springs Traditional Gin is a London dry gin, “reinvented with southwestern flavors.” This one has a higher proof and is designed for gin and tonic drinkers.

Stay tuned…

Next week, we’ll introduce you to another distillery on our tour: Treaty Oak Distilling Co.