The Spirit of Treaty Oak

Another distillery that’s made our route is Treaty Oak Distilling Co. in Dripping Springs. They offer an array of hand-crafted libations and weekend tours of the distillery.

Treaty Oak Distilling Co.

So what all does this amazing distillery offer, you ask?

Let’s start with vodka

Graham’s Texas Tea Vodka is made by using all natural ingredients. They start with vodka that is five-times distilled and five-times filtered for a smooth, clean taste. To get the rich tea flavor, they steep Nilgiri tea leaves imported from the Saleen district of India. The final ingredient, giving the vodka a sweet but not overbearing palate, is Treaty Oak’s house-made, cane sugar sweetener that uses no artificial flavorings and no high fructose corn syrup.

Starlite Vodka is put through seven distillations and a proprietary filtration that begins will Hill Country spring water, yellow corn and winter wheat to produce a smooth and easy drinking vodka. This vodka is named after the The Starlite Theatre in Brenham, Texas. Treaty Oak’s describes it as, “just damn good vodka.” It offers flavors of pepper, brown sugar and dried citrus on the finish.

Now for the gin

Waterloo Gin is crafted in the New Western style with locally sourced botanicals. It is bottled at 94 proof and offers flavors of anise and juniper with a citrus aroma finishing with hints of pecan and lavender.

Like its predecessor, Waterloo Antique is also distilled with local botanicals and Texas spring water and then aged in first-use American white oak barrels. It offers herbal notes from the botanicals, nutmeg and leather, finishing off with a hint of cinnamon.

Moving on to some interesting flavors

Red-Handed Bourbon offers fruity flavors comprising of cherry and green apple and is blended and re-barreled in new American oak barrels to age along with seasoning staves. After resting under the hot Texas sun, the whiskey finishes with a high rye component that adds a little spice to the mix.

Treaty Oak Rum is a flagship product of this award-winning distillery. They use only Texas molasses and Hill Country spring water as the base ingredients. Then they add a proprietary strain of yeast that adds flavorful notes in the finished product. You can find a flavor of vanilla bean and eartones present with a crisp finish of candied green apple.

Treaty Oak Barrel Reserve Rum is described as “A rum for whiskey drinkers.” The rum is aged in first-use American white oak barrels for a minimum of two years in the Texas heat and then bottled at 80 proof. Treaty Oak Barrel Reserve offers flavors of woodiness complimented by sweet Texas molasses.

Need some cocktail ideas for these unique flavors?

Treaty Oak has you covered! They have a wide array of recipes for any palate.