A Spirited Revolution

Revolution Spirits Distilling Co. is another great location we visit on our distillery tour. They’re offerings are diverse and they take pride in this process.

Revolution Spirits Distilling Company

“If civilization begins with distillation—as Faulkner suggests—then we’re quite certain that a revolution should Revolution Spirits Distilling Co. begin with gin. Ours does. We’re introducing civilization to a new revolution in adult beverages and changing the way people think about spirits and distilling.”

Their revolution begins with an award-winning, contemporary-styled, 100 proof Austin reserve gin.

They claim to be “fiercely independent and emboldened by the challenge to make spirits that spur a revolution in distilling, in bars and in homes, all across Texas, America and the world over. After all, borders cannot bind the greatest revolutions.”

Here’s what Revolution Spirits Distilling Co. offers

Cafecito is a coffee liqueur. Revolution worked closely with local roaster Cuvee Coffee to find the perfect blend and settled on “Mezzanotte,” which Cuvee describes as having a “big body with a kiss of roastiness.” The liqueur is infused with whole Madagascar vanilla beans for an added layer of complexity. They suggest sipping Cafecito on its own, perhaps after a meal as a strong dessert drink. It’s also great when blended with cocktails like a White or Black Russian.

Farmhouse Series Fruit Liqueurs come in apricot, cherry and raspberry flavoring. These fruit liqueurs are created using the fruit pulp remaining after the production of Jester King Brewery‘s fruited farmhouse ales. They are available at the distillery only on a very limited basis and for a very limited time during tasting room hours from 1 to 7 p.m. Saturdays.

Austin Reserve Gin is what started this spirited revolution. This gin brings a bold, innovative spirit to market that should unite drinkers of all kinds. This gin is a contemporary-styled gin produced with a 100 percent neutral base of Missouri corn and macerated with juniper. Five additional botanicals are carefully selected to create this smooth yet powerful gin. “That’s to say, we believe in the gin flip.” A gin flip is taking what people think about gin and flipping minds and expanding palates.

Austin Reserve Gin Single Barrel Series began as an experiment. “We knew that we wanted to see what our gin would do with a little age and the influence of a barrel, but what sort of barrel should we use? New? Used? Wine, whiskey, beer? Our answer: Yes.” Each release will feature a different barrel and by keeping the gin recipe the same for every batch, they hope to highlight how the barrels can leave their mark on the spirit that comes out of it. Each release will available for a limited amount of time and no two releases will ever be the same.